I go by the name of Mathew. I happen to be in my mid-50s. I have 2 adult children who I got when I was married. I own a 6-bedroom suburban house which I inhabit with my 3 awesome dogs. I have managed to have had a successful career in investment banking and so most of my time am working. This though doesn’t mean that I don’t have time for leisure. I do have time for my hobbies which are collecting classic cars, travelling around the world, enjoying fine dining establishments and also just chilling in my other homes.

I forgot one thing and that is I like to date and the women I date are usually younger than me. This is a personal blog post but I can for sure tell you that most men who are in my age and happen to have been successful in their careers and are wealthy tend to go out with women who are much younger than them.

I have subscribed to many sugar daddy sites like match.com, plentyoffish.com among many other sites. I use this sites to get women who are much younger than me so that I could date them. Most of my peers who are divorced and also who are in marriages also use these websites to get the young women that they could go out with. I’m not being ageist here by the way.

The reasons for my behavior or ‘our’ behavior is this:

They are more fun to be around

They don’t have any strings attached. They can stay out late till morning; they can go for an adventure any day like a last minute flight to Paris or the Bahamas for a weekend or the whole week without even thinking twice. Their bodies can keep with the sense of having fun and they don’t have many responsibilities like a family or marriage.

They more eager to please

Most older women feel like they are entitled to some kind of treatment and most of the times this is because of them having already accomplished careers while younger are usually in awe of your accomplishments hence they are eager to please you like laugh at your jokes. This makes any older man feel nice.


Younger women don’t care about how the relationship will end they just love the moment while older women are more careful as they don’t want to be hurt. This is due to life experiences they have experienced in their life in terms of relationships. I think this how the world works whereby when a person continues to age he or she becomes more cautious on relationships especially women.

More beautiful

I think this one anyone will agree with me on this one as younger women are more beautiful than older women. Younger women have time to go to the gym and also time hasn’t caught up with them. It is hard to find lines or wrinkles on a younger woman’s face.


Nice Biker Women Gears Is Useful For Your Biker Date


Nice Biker Women Gears Is Useful For Your Biker Date

Biker gear is not just meant for men. Today, many ladies have broken the tradition that motorcycle riding is tuff for men alone. You are likely to see these women riding big bad boys such as ‘Harley Davidson.’ They want to be seen conspicuously as riders and to achieve this; they have torn down all the ground rules to prove that women can ride just as excellently as men do. They are no longer satisfied with the role of a passenger to just sit behind men and enjoy the ride with their arms around his waist. These women love to ride and adopt a rider’s look even when they are merely passengers.

Who does not love the look of sexy fitting leather chaps or some ragged cowboy suit? We definitely all do. Most, if not all biker boys like looking back and seeing their ladies clad impeccably for the date. Biker gears are not only essential for the elegant look but the security of both the rider and the passenger. There is nothing that beats sexy biker wear that gives you the opportunity to flaunt your sexy side. Although Biker dating can be complicated at times, with the right gear, you are in a better position to sail by the ride.

As a biker girl, do you know the right gear that can shield you from danger and still floss your sexy side? Take a look at some of the gear.

The Helmet

It is the most standard yet essential equipment. A helmet safeguards the motorcycle riders from external injuries that may occur during the ride. If your biker date is not yet a pro, the safest option is selecting a full-faced helmet. In case you feel that they have enough experience, you can go for a helmet that only covers half the face. The latter is popular with experienced bikers since it allows fresh air to flow. As a result, the temperature inside the helmet reduces making it easy for your biker date to breathe.


Bikes and leather suits go together. As a biker girl, select a subtle but comfy leather. By owning fitting leather pants and jackets, you end up looking all set and ready for that date you have been looking forward to. It is possible to find flattering pants that have the right armor.

When you wear comfortable leather, you also end up feeling and looking sexy. In addition to leather, there has been an increasingly popular trend where biker girls wear protective denim rather than leather as they ride. It all depends on your preferences as long as you are protected in case of any emergency situations.

The Boots

Another key component of riding gear is the boots. With the right shoes, you are sure to stay safe. They can resist any burns that can occur during the ride. Boots are of particular importance if you are sitting behind since you are prone to burns due to the exhaust pipe. By donning the right boots, you stay safe and unscathed and get to enjoy the ride and date without moments of panic. Avoid ill-fitting boots as you are likely to injure yourself.


With a good pair of motorcycle gloves, you get to enjoy your ride more. Today, several well-armored gloves do not appear as if they belong to a Power Ranger. These gloves are ideal for a biker girl as they maintain the sass of being a lady but still offer the necessary protection.

There are other types of gear that you can get for your biker date or as biker girl. Some of them include knee pads, leather belts, and cuffs among others. Knee pads are essential in protecting your knees in case of an emergency situation like a fall or a collision. They allow your knees to remain flawless and without any scars in the event of an accident.

As mentioned earlier, the primary purpose of biker gear for your date is safety. Luckily, they also add an edgy and sexy feel to your appearance. Therefore, the next time you plan to go on a date with a biker boy, get yourself these gears. You are sure to love the experience and enjoy the protection they offer.


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